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Detached House



Trat, Thailand



3 Bedrooms House




Architect :                          


Interior Architect :            


Photographer :                

Supakorn srisakul              


626 sq.m.



Completion 2017

We started the project by exploring the connectivity and correlation between the ground and formal structure of this private house. Locating on large open ground, we began to question how to connect our house to the ground, create seamless connectivity from surrounding to various functions and floor levels, both horizontally and vertically.


Different functions and spatial sequences dominate circulation pattern of the house, from public to private, in a linear arrangement that loops from base to summit in which offers privacy for users. 

Main floor structure portrays big spiral loop ascending from ground to roof deck, users can migrate and spiral through different functions while simultaneously moving from ground to above level, creating a unique and very fluid space and programme organisation. This fluidity has been visualised in form of double-layer continuous fair faced concrete floor spiraling to the roof, which creates several volumes of spaces between top and bottom surface. Crossing point between two layers of floor becomes access to private roof deck.


Highly reflective materials have been employed as façade. First, reflective glass to offer continuation of interior-exterior, at the same time reflects surrounding, creates blurring and ever-changing effect on façade. Another material is reflective aluminium panel to offer privacy for certain areas. These two materials combine with double-layer concrete surfaces, introduces a camouflage-like architectural effect in which architecture blends together with surroundings.     

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