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Phetchaburi, Thailand


Private Residence

4,000 sqm.


Npat Potchapornkul

Panoramic Studio







          W. Residence is a two-story house for a family of four situated in Phetchaburi, Thailand. The project was inspired by the desire to apply natural landscaping elements with design strategy. The house is located in the center of the site, separating the land into two equal but contradicting spaces: a long narrow space covered by 20-year-old cork trees and an open space at the backyards with a stunning river view.

        However, the vast area of over 4,000 sqm became the main challenge of this private residential project. In this regard, Archive Landscape attempted to apply our key concepts by defining and creating intimate space, while keeping the sense of a grandness. In addition, we proposed to link the two contradicting spaces through our architectural design language, and hence creating the unity for the residence. 

At the backyard, we created a space with a center courtyard and feature litter standing as a main axis of the garden with the outdoor dining plaza next to the open courtyard with Rain tree and a waterfront pavilion. With a varied level of stepping grass, the glimpse of space appears to be grander when looking back from the waterside. There are berms with covering greenery on both sides of the pathway creating more volume for the space. The watering and lighting system was designed in a first place. 

          The important key of this project is to bring together natural elements such as mountain stone and cladding stone with modern design to create identity of the project which made this residence as a humble place to settle.

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