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Entrance Landscape, Main Park and Show Unit Landscape

Bangkok, Thailand


10,000 sq.m



Pruksa Real Estate plc.


      The connect38 is a landscape  design for Pruksa Estate plc. community recreation area and temporary landscape in front of Pruksa show gallery.


      The main concept of the design is  "connect for life" which try to use main green space to connect and bring people together by creating lift up green area with a slope face direct to fuctional area located around. 

       The Connect 38 by Prueksa is a communal park of a gated community and it was our first project working with a big developer. In most cases, the communal area of a middle-segment residential project is pretty much an empty field of grass with a moderate amount of trees and perhaps a pavilion. And most of the time, the space is rarely used. Thai people are less participative with communal space. You see everybody in a public park, avoiding the use of an open space and looking for the corners that are more private. So for this project, we created a large massive green space and divided it into four smaller masses using walkways to link them all together. Each mass has this wall that creates its own room. There is this sense of privacy in the use of public space that stimulates people to use it more, kind of like a private corner in a public park.






Landscape plan


Common plaza approach

Common plaza

Common plaza

Playground area

Jogging track

Main entrance

Common plaza

Feature berm

Pavilion court

Passive area

View from pavilion

Overall recreation area

Sale office area

Sale office approach

The connect 38 - housing park

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