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Sale Gallery of 168 Residence



Sukhumvit 36, Bangkok



Sale Gallery


Advanced Living


Architect ;

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Interior Architect ;

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Landscape Architect :    

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400 sq.m.



Completion 2017

168 Sale gallery is a new modern design Sales gallery for one of the most recent luxury Low-rise condominium called 168 residence, which located on Sukhumvit36 Road, Bangkok, Thailand. We got a commission to design the gallery, which contains a reception area, mock up units and staff office, plus the surrounding landscape. These functions are compressed into one triangle-like box measured 50 meters long and 8.5 meters wide. Usually, most sales gallery in Bangkok is quite similar.

The clients would want to see some stunning architecture standing in the impressive surrounding. The gallery is specifically designed for eye-catch sculpture and 1:1 Mock up the facade of the Main building. It is composed of 400 sqm internal space. Even though the land is limited and triangle shape, but the owner still wants to maximise the function area and a large landscape for their private outdoor event. 






168 Sale gallery reflects the main development’s clean lines and sculptural form for the art of living. The gallery is designed for exhibition space and work space, as well as 3 typical fully furnished units. The gallery spans over two levels connected by a spiral blacked steel staircase. This staircase is also enclosed in a curve-glass box floating over the underlying front garden as a main feature for the entrance.

After numerous hours of a design study, the designer proposes cantilevering practically half of the building over the open area on ground floor. This would liberate more space in the landscape for outdoor activity. The gallery is designed in compact shape to enhance the usable space and mock up units. One side of the wall is designed to close to an adjacent plot of land to maximize the internal area while following the regulations.

During the rush hours, Sukhumvit road is famed as one of the most traffic jam in Bangkok. The designer takes this issue for the design advantage by allowing the passerby, who pass or jam on the road can look directly to the show units.

Thus, Most of the glass walls are maximized the view directly to the road by design the glazing spanning the full height of its length on the ground floor. In addition, almost 100 percent of the land is an open space and glass window that can be visible from every angle of the road. Its main purpose is to attract the potential buyers who drive pass.

The sale gallery is designed in a Triangle shape to create feature architectural element and vision impact almost like a spaceship. The design does not only enhance the aesthetic element, sculpture form but also provide shading and rain protections to the internal space. To incorporate a feature-look to the design, we designs the customized silver-gray perforated aluminum panels on the facade.

This perforated pattern is designed in varying size holes and patterns, from small to bigger, vary to the function inside and level of privacy. These perforated aluminum panels do not only serve as architectural elements, but also help to block the ambient noise from the busy road below, and allow light and air to enter without sacrificing privacy. This facade makes the gallery look like a feature box floating on a clear glass window sheet below.

The aluminum facade is also designed for air buffer insulation to cool down the internal space. Yet, the facade is also intended to function as the 1:1 Penthouse mock up for the facade design of the main building. This is to emphasize the characteristic of the main building in which the main highlight is the sharp age triangular and panoramic view.

For the main building, this facade is openable with 100% ventilation and allow the unit owners to take the panorama view of scenery when fully opened, or they can completely closed for privacy, sun-shade control and obtaining security. This facade is an excellent concept for adding a visually stunning element to interiors and exteriors alike. The result is a constantly changing building facade, almost the feature sculpture.

Inside the main lobby space, space is cladded by the white marble stones contrast with the black granite reception counter. Passing by through this lobby, the visitors arrive at the 2-bedroom show suite. The gallery’s second floor houses the meeting room, material gallery, and the 1-2 bedroom show suites. Just as the rest of the building’s interiors, the show suites are fully designed and styled by our team, creating a holistic experience and offering a fresh take on modern-contemporary Thai lifestyle.

The intermediate spaces between each show suites are defined by pocket gardens and courtyard, allowing the palette of nature and direct sun light to flow to each space. These pocket gardens also give rises to the visitor feel connected between inside - outside and provide a dramatic green vision for the corridor and show suites. The interaction of the living spaces with the lush gardens and courts engenders a sensuous engagement with the elements, resulting in a calming, peaceful environment which is the main concept of the 168 Residence.

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