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Central Rama III, Bangkok, Thailand


Groundfloor plaza design renovationGreenwall design on facadeInterior planting design

Exterior 3,000 sq.m.

Interior 4,000 sq.m.


Central Pattana Public Company Limited

Npat Potchapornkul & Team

VaSLab Architecture

With Light Co.,ltd

Panoramic Studio











               Central Plaza Rama 3 is a shopping mall that was originally opened in 1998, this shopping mall is located in Rama 3 district, adjacent to CBD of Bangkok.

In 2018 Central Pattana (CPN) wanted to redevelop the whole mall with a new image of architecture, interior design including landscape design and Archive Landscape Studio was selected to participate in design team. The new Central Plaza Rama 3 opened in 2018.

This is one of the most challenging project for Archive Landscape Studio due to the constraint of existing condition, the limitation of outdoor space 2,200, in other ways, this was a great opportunity to collaborate with the project team.

Our landscape design scope are as follows;

1. Main arrival plaza with total area of 2,000 sqm.

2. Outdoor terrace at 6F where is connected to Food park 200 sqm.

3. Indoor planting design

4. Façade planting design

CPN Business Development developed a project vision and requirement then we created design objectives which derive from our understanding of the brief and site context.

1. To foster environment that inspires people to realize the important of green area, in the both context, city and community scale. This would also beneficial for them to obtain more green area in the community.

2. To represent “Vision” by maximize “Green area” by integrating green into façade design, indoor area and main arrival plaza.

3. To be harmonized and well integrate with architectural design.

4. To enhance main arrival plaza by creating approachable entrance and providing functional space where could attract people.


This could be seen that the new architectural design by Vaslab transform the original design to a new modern style and undoubtedly unique, the resulting trellis facade are in harmony with green vine. Archive Landscape Studio and Vasalb agree with the same criteria that to bring the concept of green facade by integrating softscape planting with facade elements.

               The existing linear shape was dissolved by applying “Curvy line” to isolated the pedestrian out of the road  traffic concept which is the main theme and key word of the project. The curvy line with organic form could be well illustrated the story of ‘Streamscape” and those lines could be guided and bring people to the main arrival plaza as well.

The design language of landscape is harmonized with architectural details, this has applied into landscape elements from exterior steps, seating to the planter as expected.

Another constraint that we are facing with this project is the boundary among the main road and footpath is not defined clearly, we then provide planter that could well define the area and function.

The seating area is created here as a waiting zone, together with the handicap ramp along the building side that could help reducing the height of building base.


               Tropical planting is the main theme as that majority of the plaza space is sunny area. A group of big tree are provided to create sunshade for the seating area practically. At the same time, our design intention is to apply variety of planting species, color and texture that could bring playful and energetic for the space, and also accent the lively atmosphere here.

This is such a great opportunity for Archive Landscape Studio that being a part of this successful project. The new image of Central Rama 3 has a already become a vibrant at the community and city experience.

Master plan

Landscape plan

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